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Rachel is my favorite instructor - in person and online. She is engaging, motivating, and highly organized. Her classes are always a blast, and I always look forward to them. Barre x flow is awesome because it's low impact while also being challenging, and it's truly a full-body workout. So freakin' good. I swear, every time it's exactly what I needed even though I didn't know it. highly recommend checking out her classes.


I'm feeling great after your flow tonight! Your sequence building our triceps up to crow was so smart - my crow was the strongest it's been and I shot my legs back into plank for the first time! Thank you for a great class!


I wish you had DVDs of your workouts, that shoulder stretch one you did the other day was amazing! My shoulders had been killing me for days because I've been working a lot on my computer, and then I did that shoulder slow yoga...and holy s**t I feel so much better!


Thank you for your slow yoga flow. I am absolutely one of those people you talked about in the beginning who needs slow movement even though my brain fights it half the time. Needed it!


That video was spot on! I do have to say what sets you apart from some of the others, is that your cues are so perfect that I can concentrate on form and don’t need to have my eyes glued to the screen to know what to do next. You also really understand movement and form, which is important for someone to guide us through exercise, keep it safe, and work the muscles we need to work.


I’ve tried barre before but nothing like Rachel’s class! she is so flexible - pun intended. whether it’s a body-weight-only class, one with various props (from soup cans to socks!) or a focused class, I am challenged each time. The fact that she was able to adjust into a virtual setting so quickly and still make each class so personal, proves how talented she is. I look forward to my next plank series - my favorite thing to love AND hate!

Sam C.

Both my partner and I work in Boston hospitals. He's on the frontlines and I'm working from home as a social worker. These days are heavy but moving keeps me sane and grounded and able to keep showing up for patients. Thank you for keeping us strong, moving, and motivated during these hard days! You offer such a gift to so many through your classes!


Rachel’s virtual classes have allowed me to stay active and in shape at home. Her classes are physically challenging and mentally engaging. She offers tons of guidance and modifications so I am able to get the fullest out of an at home workout. I’m looking forward to being back in the studio with her!


I love your classes. They are challenging, fun, and always give me that extra boost of energy I need at any time of the day. I usually don't look forward to working out, but do with your classes!


You really have helped bring back balance to my life and I mean it more ways than one.

Sam D.

That was a bomb class. Holy s**t do I notice a difference with the hamstring flow. Poses feel much easier!

Emily B.

Rachel is the reason I fell in love with barre. I hadn’t taken it in years, and remembered being indifferent when I had tried it in the past. her class is challenging but so approachable! and fun! I felt like a pro after a couple of weeks, and I need to add that I started taking her classes 20 weeks pregnant. Rachel always remembered to give me informed modifications and touch base before/after class to make sure everything felt okay. I look forward to my postpartum journey back into fitness taking Rachel’s class because I trust that it will be fun and safe!


Rachel’s virtual classes have been such a great way for me to stay in shape and stay accountable during quarantine. She makes the classes so welcoming and easy to follow along with, but also one hell of a workout. My balance and flexibility have definitely improved since I started!


Your classes always flow together. One pose naturally fits in a progression, or movement to opposite muscle groups; and then you usually add a peak which is awesome. As somebody who exercises and works on functional movement, it just makes sense!


These classes have been giving me LIFE in times of such uncertainty. They’re always so fun but challenging and have a way of helping me restore my self confidence. Thank you for giving us a community and new ways to move our bodies! You’re a bad a**!


I started taking Rachel’s classes a couple of years ago via my local barre/yoga studio. Right away I was drawn to Rachel’s uplifting spirit and passion for teaching. All her classes are strategically planned with FIRE playlists to keep motivation up. Her knowledge for purposeful movements and proper alignment inspires me to be the best version of myself throughout the entire class. Rachel connects with her students by offering helpful tips to stay in the moment of current pose/positions. I always look forward to all of Rachel’s classes (& smiling face) both in person and via online platforms!


Looking for a core burning, booty building, arm toning workout - Rachel is your girl! Pre-COVID I worked out daily at the gym, and post-COVID Rachel has allowed me to have that same burn and endorphin high that I crave!! 🔥💪🏼


Rachel’s classes are efficient, tough, and always make me feel great! It’s always an awesome sweat/ burn, and super positive - plus it goes by wicked fast!!


Rachel is an outstanding teacher. Her classes are challenging, innovative, and most importantly fun. I have been taking Rachel’s barre and yoga classes via IG LIVE and I highly recommend you take them too. she has the ability to be in the room with you even when she can’t physically be there. Not only will you feel better, but from personal experience I can attest that the classes will make you stronger both mentally and physically.


Rachel’s barre classes are amazing. Her energy is warm and welcoming, which is perfect for any first time barre taker. She also has great music taste! Her virtual classes are super accessible and easy to follow, while at the same time, challenging!


Rachel's workout classes are challenging but never boring! She creatively blends barre, yoga, and pilates while providing detailed cues for proper form. Rachel's classes are so enjoyable because of her upbeat personality and personable approach. I always leave her class feeling accomplished, energized, and strong!


I had been looking around for virtual classes that would keep me motivated (if no one is watching, giving up is that much easier) when a friend reposted Rachel's schedule. I tried one of her classes and was immediately hooked! Rachel is electric and clear with her instructions but also funny - you know those times when you start getting mad at the instructor for pushing you? She finds a way to make you smile instead :) thank you Rachel!


Rachel is truly one of the most inspiring and motivating fitness instructors I've had the pleasure to take classes with, and she never ceases to challenge us and push us toward greater strength, flexibility, and stability. Whether it is barre, yoga, or a fusion of the two, you can expect nothing less than a great workout each and every time!


Rachel’s class helps build up my muscle strength, and also increases my awareness of adjusting my body posture. I love the feminine energy she brings to our fitness class - classic, elegant, but powerful, which are fitness goals I’ve been pursuing.


Your in person classes have always been a “no excuses, don’t miss” event for me. No matter how tired or busy I am, if you are leading the class I know I’m going to get my butt (or thighs) kicked, the energy will be high and the music will be on point. I love your classes and you’re one of the main reasons I’ve stayed so committed to barre!


I’m hoping you’re able to see when people do your workout after you’ve recorded it - I often have to wait until I put my little monster toddler to bed to do your workouts but it is soo worth the wait. I haven’t been able to motivate myself to work out much since having Hannah and your workouts have literally turned my world around. I can already feel myself strengthening and I am so proud of myself when I can ~almost~ keep up with you. Thank you girl!!!!

Abby M.

I am addicted to your workouts! Doing barre and yoga with you regularly, I can feel myself getting so much stronger, and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years. I really appreciate how thoughtful you are about every component of the experience. It’s clear that we’re all in excellent hands. I tell all of my friends that they’ll hate and love you at the same time if they give it a try, and now quite a few of them are hooked as well. :-)

Rachel S.

Rachel’s classes are by far my favorite workouts to do. Just the right amount of time, amazing playlists, and a full body workout. She makes the class approachable so anyone, no matter your fitness level, can do it. My mom and I do the virtual classes together and we feel great once we finish. My day isn’t the same when I miss one of her workouts. I’d recommend her classes to anyone and everyone!

Abby N.

I've been active my whole life and love exercise. Your classes are everything to me. They're the most challenging I've experienced, online or in person. More than anything, YOU make the classes. I love how you teach them and love your personality, humour, and structure. I've never been so excited for any type of class as I am for yours. Thank you for posting these and just being so incredibly lovely!


Random thought during today's class (as my hips were being pulverized): I've done barre at studios all over NYC, and your virtual classes are my favorite!


Rachel's classes are always super challenging but she makes them fun with her amazing playlists & encouraging attitude. Her workouts are the best part of my week! :)


I've been taking your virtual classes for weeks now and love them. You have the perfect balance of strength and stretch, always challenging and I feel wonderful after. Thank you for providing structured movement and a motivating practice!

Emily W.

Your virtual classes always provide me with a full-body intense barre workout. I love how your workout sequences align spot on with the upbeat music. Thank you for making me feel fabulous inside and out!


I'm so glad to have found Rachel's virtual barre and yoga classes and highly recommend them! Each class gives you an excellent and challenging whole body work-out. Rachel's classes are unique in that each and every class is different and has a new creative work-out which I really appreciate. Her classes also translate well to a virtual format with the convenience of an alternating morning/night schedule. Lastly, I can't say enough about the great playlists - consistently the best ones I've heard in barre/yoga classes yet!


Rachel's teaching style is perfect for me. Calm, well explained, and motivating. I'm so glad I found her on Instagram because living in different time zones would make it difficult to attend class otherwise. Give her classes a try!


It was like Rachel read my mind this morning - class was EXACTLY what my body (and mind) needed. Loved it. Amazing how great she can make you feel in just 45 minutes.

Amy K.

Rachel is the BEST!! Her classes are fun, challenging, and motivating, and her playlists are always energizing and amazing!  I always look forward to her classes!  I love the wide variety of class formats - from booty & core to slow flow, every class is unique and fresh each day of the week!  Having the on-demand option is amazing; the flexibility of live and on-demand has helped me to maintain a consistent exercise routine throughout this year of unpredictability.  I would highly recommend all of Rachel's classes!

Amy C.

I am so grateful to have found Rachel and the online fitness community she is cultivating! She is the most caring and personable instructor I have ever worked with whose classes never fail to be challenging, empowering, and fun! Rachel also goes above and beyond to make sure her students' needs are heard and reflected in her classes; this is demonstrated by the open-door culture she promotes online, her thoughtful responses to questions, and her generous personalized instruction when needed. I can’t imagine my fitness journey without her and I can't recommend her enough!

Rachel G.

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